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5 Ways to Crush 2020: BHE Better Life Challenge

~with Big Hair Energy & Brenda Dow

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to level-up your actions in 5 ways to crush the rest of 2020. Your guides for this one-week, fun, online experience are motivational speaker and Big Hair Energy founder Steve Karboski and Brenda Dow, marriage educator and relationship coach.

Now to November 7, 2020

Official challenge days: November 2-7, 2020 (NY USA Eastern Time Zone)
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No drill sergeants here! You decide which area you’ll work on. You determine what level you want to reach. BHE & Brenda will guide you during the week in universal ways to position yourself best for year-end success.


Community Support

Knowing someone is walking along-side of you often makes the journey more enjoyable. We’ll support you on each of the challenge days with a friendly email, community, answers to your questions, and fun prize-drawings.


Get Results

Start transforming yourself immediately. Apply tips from each daily video to change your approach, avoid potential pitfalls, feel better, accomplish more, and position yourself to make positive changes in whatever area of life you’re looking to improve.

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