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BHE Store, Programs & Opportunities

What are the possibilities and options with the BHE Store, Programs and Opportunities?
— Motivational, go-for-your-goals, and instructive-inspiration presentations to help take action. Fire up your group, employees, department, or organization. Contact us for our list of talks or how to get a customized presentation or keynote to address your particular needs.
— Opportunities include online experiences with instructional, action-oriented training.
— The BHE “New Year, New You ~ Recognize, Renew & Reach Your Goals” 5-week, remotely offered program (see below).
— BHE-branded merchandise, available for a limited period during certain times of the year: Shop the BHE Store here

What people say …

“This was a great experience. It really helped me set my priorities and think about things I would have never otherwise considered. I’m really looking forward to continuing the work I started with Steve.”

What is BHE?

Big Hair Energy ~ Inspiring You
BHE is the journey to tame your inner critic, the strength to get up after a knock down, and the determination to do something legendary everyday.

BHE serves individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations. BHE brings Big (Hair) Energy for: Motivating, Inspiring, Focusing, Energizing, Preparing, Committing, Confidence-building, and Goal-setting to help you get after it and crush it.


Upcoming Opportunities




“5 Days of Closeness”

Next-Step Opportunity #1: Join the New Year, New You with BHE & Brenda Facebook group to participate, or view the full series on the ‘5 Days of Closeness’ home page.




“Creative Activities for a Cause: 5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser”

Next-Step Opportunity #2: A special ‘Fun-Raiser’ 5-week experience to boost your fun-factor and help raise funds to support service-based organizations … with a bonus, too. View details here.
Note: Special-promotional discount-code offer ends December 1, 2020. Package access extends to January 31, 2022 (14 months).




“New Year, New You ~ Recognize, Renew & Reach Your Goals”

Next-Step Opportunity #3: What transformation are you seeking in 2021? Let us help you get started in this 5-week online experience. Details to be announced.