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5 Ways to Crush 2020: BHE Better Life Challenge

Day 6 ~ November 7: Wins, Wrap-Up & Next Steps

>> What will be your next step?
>> In the video below, motivational speaker and Big Hair Energy founder Stephen Karboski and Brenda Dow, marriage educator and relationship coach, wrap up the week-long challenge.
>> What is your plan to move forward? View the Next Steps page for opportunities.

Challenge-video access extended to November 13, 2020

Official challenge days: November 2-7, 2020 (NY USA Eastern Time Zone)

Take action!

Assignment ~ Plan Next Steps

Bravo for all your work to date. Your challenge now, if you choose to accept it, is to take forward action by planning your next steps for a better life. Steve and Brenda describe 3 upcoming opportunities in the video. You can take advantage of these options to continue to crush 2020 and set yourself up for success in 2021.

This Challenge has ended, yet more opportunities are available ...

Details on the 3 opportunities described in the wrap-up session recording are outlined here (go now!).

5 Ways to Crush 2020: BHE Better-Life Challenge

~ Access to the daily Challenge videos extended to November 13, 2020 ... tick-tock ....

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We encourage you to stay involved in the Facebook group for peer support, tips, and notices of upcoming opportunities.

“This challenge has empowered me with a safe, supportive, and stimulating opportunity for reevaluation of both my personal and professional capabilities.” ~Jen Bailey

“This has been such a great experience, my husband even joined on board with me in the activities! This has brought light to what has seemed to be a time where I couldn’t seem to get out of my ‘funk’!!” ~Autumn Fasolino

“Thank you both for energizing during challenging times.” ~Aaron Mahoney